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To recover from addiction is to start the weaving of a tapestry that
has no end ….. a process of healing.

From all walks of life people with a substance abuse problem join the
treatment programs of Castle Carey Clinic, forming together in their
wondrous shapes, colors and swirls the background for the weaving
of this tapestry.

Through sharing, caring and human warmth Castle Carey Clinic’s multi 
disciplinary team strives to bring together each person’s uniqueness,
abilities, talent, and courage to start and maintain the process.

The treatment programs are designed to meet the therapeutic and developmental needs of each person addicted to alcohol, medication and street drugs.

In the tranquil atmosphere of a Pretoria suburb between lustrous
trees, surrounded by the song of wild birds, lies Castle Carey Clinic
with a homely ambiance where family, friends and significant others
of patients are welcomed as part of the recovery process.

With the support of our highly experienced multi-disciplinary team, individualized care and excellent treatment programs, the addict receives the necessary equipment to start weaving his/her own tapestry of recovery.